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Diabetes is Tough. 
Managing it is even Tougher.

Decipher makes it easy.

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Decipher is India’s most evidence-based diabetes management program. Our solution helps you to monitor and manage your diabetes in a personalized and sustainable manner.

Anjali Mehta.png

I am pregnant and have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes. 

Sudha Murti.png

I have been living with diabetes for the last 2 years.

Ramesh Jha.png

I have just been diagnosed with diabetes last month.

What do a professor of medicine from Harvard Medical School, 
an AI/ML mathematician from Univ Of Chicago and and a tech entrepreneur from IIT Delhi have in common? 

They are all dealing with diabetes in their lives and co-founded Decipher to help others like them manage their diabetes. Our team has a cumulative 50+ years of experience in helping patients with diabetes monitor and manage their nutrition, activity and medication. Based in Gurgaon, our team is adding doctors, product developers and visionaries to the team.

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